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How to Choose the Best Shirts for your Body

Choosing a well-fitted dress shirt can get complicated or turn into a nerve-wracking experience, especially when unsure of what to look for. This guide will expose you to the basics of choosing the perfect shirt.

First, you need to understand your body type. Big, small, slim, and tall guys’ dress will be influenced by the width, height, placement of seams, covering length as well as other minute details. Let’s start with some rules guiding the selection of a regular fit shirt.


Irrespective of your body build, a perfect regular fit shirt should comfortably fit around the chest and allow movement across your back and your armpits. Even when wearing a slim fit cut, it should be snug, not tight.


Collar types can be button-down, removable, spread, or pointed. All collars are perfect for short men, but the button-down and spread collar must be avoided in a business context as they give the impression of width rather than height. For the very tall guys, a pointed collar creates a sense of balance.

When choosing a button-down shirt, ensure it can be buttoned easily. Irrespective of the type of collar you choose, it mustn’t be roomy, rather comfortable.


The seam of the part connecting the shirt’s sleeve to the body should sit close to the top of your shoulder. It shouldn’t pull down.


The arm and waist must be moderate. Sleeves hanging down too low wouldn’t make a perfect fit for a short man because this caused an awkward look. Billowed shirt around the waist isn’t a good fit either.

In case you can’t find the perfect regular fit shirt, a good tailor can help you turn an off-the-rack product into a customized and fitting design.

For fitted shirts, there’re few things to keep in mind when choosing one.

Fitted Look

A fitted shirt should be tailored, well-shaped, and looks great either tucked or not. People with broad shoulders or narrower torso than other parts of their body will find this perfect.

A fitted cut can further accentuate your slim waist, fit around your shoulder and chest perfectly.

The caveat here is that slim fit shirts aren’t the best option for people with extra weight. The fitting shape tends to cling to and emphasize bulkiness in shape, thereby causing unnecessary strain and irregularities in the shape of the body.

Shirts for Bigger Guys

Regular fitted oxford shirts are an excellent addition for bigger men. Instead of hiding inside a shapeless sack, long and slim enough shirt is usable. Baggy shirts will be ill-fitting and can make you look oddly bigger.

Also, ensure the shirt is long enough, reaching the curve of your buttocks—or else, people are going to think you’re wearing a shirt you had at 12!

General Shirt Guide

Avoid shirts that are tight around the arms; they will only make your skinny arms skinnier. And for bigger guys, it can make you appear oddly proportioned. Either for the small or big guys, ensure your dress shirts that can breathe.

As important as the width, so does the length. A moderately long dress shirt stays calm in your trouser even when you’re raising your hands. It will also complement the length of your body when untucked.

We hope this guide should help you next time you’re looking for a shirt to add to your wardrobe.