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How to Choose the Best Shirts for your Body

Choosing a well-fitted dress shirt can get complicated or turn into a nerve-wracking experience, especially when unsure of what to look for. This guide will expose you to the basics of choosing the perfect shirt.

First, you need to understand your body type. Big, small, slim, and tall guys’ dress will be influenced by the width, height, placement of seams, covering length as well as other minute details. Let’s start with some rules guiding the selection of a regular fit shirt.


Irrespective of your body build, a perfect regular fit shirt should comfortably fit around the chest and allow movement across your back and your armpits. Even when wearing a slim fit cut, it should be snug, not tight.


Collar types can be button-down, removable, spread, or pointed. All collars are perfect for short men, but the button-down and spread collar must be avoided in a business context as they give the impression of width rather than height. For the very tall guys, a pointed collar creates a sense of balance.

When choosing a button-down shirt, ensure it can be buttoned easily. Irrespective of the type of collar you choose, it mustn’t be roomy, rather comfortable.


The seam of the part connecting the shirt’s sleeve to the body should sit close to the top of your shoulder. It shouldn’t pull down.


The arm and waist must be moderate. Sleeves hanging down too low wouldn’t make a perfect fit for a short man because this caused an awkward look. Billowed shirt around the waist isn’t a good fit either.

In case you can’t find the perfect regular fit shirt, a good tailor can help you turn an off-the-rack product into a customized and fitting design.

For fitted shirts, there’re few things to keep in mind when choosing one.

Fitted Look

A fitted shirt should be tailored, well-shaped, and looks great either tucked or not. People with broad shoulders or narrower torso than other parts of their body will find this perfect.

A fitted cut can further accentuate your slim waist, fit around your shoulder and chest perfectly.

The caveat here is that slim fit shirts aren’t the best option for people with extra weight. The fitting shape tends to cling to and emphasize bulkiness in shape, thereby causing unnecessary strain and irregularities in the shape of the body.

Shirts for Bigger Guys

Regular fitted oxford shirts are an excellent addition for bigger men. Instead of hiding inside a shapeless sack, long and slim enough shirt is usable. Baggy shirts will be ill-fitting and can make you look oddly bigger.

Also, ensure the shirt is long enough, reaching the curve of your buttocks—or else, people are going to think you’re wearing a shirt you had at 12!

General Shirt Guide

Avoid shirts that are tight around the arms; they will only make your skinny arms skinnier. And for bigger guys, it can make you appear oddly proportioned. Either for the small or big guys, ensure your dress shirts that can breathe.

As important as the width, so does the length. A moderately long dress shirt stays calm in your trouser even when you’re raising your hands. It will also complement the length of your body when untucked.

We hope this guide should help you next time you’re looking for a shirt to add to your wardrobe.

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Home have a tiger mother

There is only a “tiger” in my family, but it is not a real tiger, but my mother.

My mother’s requirements for my life are very strict. I am not allowed to sleep late on weekdays. I am not allowed to eat junk food. I am not allowed to play mobile phones…

In terms of learning, he has stricter requirements for me and requires me to write neatly every word. Be careful when writing homework, and carefully check that the exam must be scored above 90 points or even full marks.

I secretly called him a tiger mother, but even my mother is taking care of me, my heart is always “flying”, and the results are still not going up.

I remember when I had a mid-term exam, I tried to curl up the mathematics test. I took 97. 5 points. When I came home from school, my mother smiled and asked: “Is the hair curled down?” I was careful, I handed it carefully. In the past, when my mother saw it, the sunny face suddenly became clouded, and then it was a scolding, 6000 divided by two equals 300. Mom said: “A few zeros behind the 6000, why not count carefully,” I bowed my head. The mother of gas punishes me for 50 words, and then I look at my language. The essay is almost not written in one page. My mother is so angry that her eyes are so sharp that she picks up the fly, which is usually played. My special tool, however, this time my mother put the high-lifted hand down and said that I will give me a chance to correct it. I will read at least two essays every day, because in each test, the score of the composition will be occupied. A large proportion, I made up my mind that the final exam must overcome the sloppy, strengthen my composition, strive to achieve, and strive to get great progress.

In fact, when the tigress is gentle, it is after the homework, my mother will chat with me, watch TV, and ride a bicycle. It is the happiest time of my day, but this happy time is only a little while, you listen. My tiger started to smash again. My son hasn’t played enough. It’s time to go to sleep. I don’t want to say 100 in my heart. I have to go to bed and sleep.

Hey, there is such a tiger mom is really full of love for me!

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person I am most familiar with her

I have been in Long Ting for two years, and I am most familiar with the humorous teacher Chen.

His tall man, a melon face, always has a smile on his face, a pair of black-rimmed glasses on his nose, and a pair of sharp eyes in his glasses!

Speaking of Mr. Chen’s humor, I will tell you one! At noon one day, the teacher had dinner with us. He “had to squat,” he finished eating three, five, and two, and the speed was really fast! After dinner, I will come and chat with us. Who knows that he will dance as soon as he comes. The left jumps right and jumps, the left one sways right, and his mouth sings, “Deng, Deng Deng, Deng, Deng…” We got a big laugh.

What is more God is that he understands psychology, usually knows the thoughts in our hearts, and nothing can hold his eyes. He often said some of our performances at school and at home. It was as if he saw it with his own eyes. Today I don’t understand how he knows it. There are still many interesting things that I will not write one by one.

Mr. Chen’s calligraphy is also very well written. The pen is very strong and vivid. He sometimes teaches us some calligraphy skills. I envy him very much. In the future, you must practice calligraphy well and write a beautiful pen word like him!

This is our humorous teacher Chen, such a teacher, do you like it very much!

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Send an umbrella

Friendship, a complicated and simple word, makes me unable to portray. This incident is that I finally understood the importance of friendship.

It was a clear day, and we were listening to the teacher in the classroom. Suddenly a thunderous sound, and in a short while, it was a downpour. Many of my classmates were worried about the expression, probably fascinated by this morning’s “sunny”. When I was out of school, I came out late because I packed my schoolbag. But just saw her standing under the stop sign next to the school gate, half of the shoulders have been wet, looking forward to find something. I walked over to her and asked why. She told me that her grandfather took over her sister and forgot to wait for her. I looked at the raindrops that had broken the beads from the drizzle. I thought about it for a while and asked if she would like to go with me. Her eyes shot the excitement and nodded. Although our family is in the same direction, on both sides of an intersection, we have to cross a road, and the distance is also a little far away. Walking into the door of their community, she stopped and expressed her gratitude and told me to go back. I looked at the misty rain and fog, and the good man would do it to the end. I sent her to the door of the building. I turned and prepared to go. She ringed the doorbell over and over again, but no one promised. I turned around and went back to her and raised the umbrella over her head. We waited together in the rain, and after a while, a beam of glare, I narrowed my eyes. She was excited to storm into the rain. It is her grandfather who is back! When I saw the “mission completion,” I was relieved and waved to the three grandparents. She smiled and held her grandfather and waved back to me.

Today, she has left Beijing, and I am somewhat difficult to adapt. I hope she can find a close friend there.

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My Deskmate

After finishing the physical education class, I bought a bottle of water at the small shop. I went upstairs with the same table.

As soon as I entered the classroom and found that the people had arrived, they were both worse. I squinted at the class schedule and sighed with incompetence: “My God is a political class, I haven’t backed it yet!” With a smile, I immediately felt a sense of crisis.

The bell rang as usual, hurried to his position, took a few mouthfuls of water, prepared the lessons for the class, and felt uneasy in the heart, screaming that the teacher had not yet arrived, opened the book, and silently recited the sentence of the back…

Soon, the question began, and I didn’t raise my head. I was afraid that I would forget the sentence I just had when I looked up. Suddenly, one said that the height is not high, that the low is not low, but it just happened to sound in my heart – the teacher called my name.

Looking up, standing up, wanting to back, but found that I forgot, I quickly sneaked down and squinted, and sweared a few words: ah – there is one sentence left. Sitting at the same table, looking at me, Xiaoxiao, I was a little angry, staring at him, whispering: “Laughter, help me to remind you!” Seeing him as if he heard, I continued to look at me, I am anxious. After kicking his leg, he just started to remind me.

I saw that he flipped his fingers and gestured without hesitation, but I couldn’t understand one. I was so anxious that my face was dark and I no longer expected his answer. When the teacher saw that I stopped answering, I told me the answer and let me sit down.

After class, I asked him what happened. He gestured and explained the meaning of this gesture. The more he said that I became more angry, we had a dispute. He sat there sipping water and playing with bottles, ignoring my words. I stopped and sighed. He said: “It seems like ‘mosquito’ is calling, have you heard it?” After that, he learned a few more ‘mosquito’ calls, I just prepared to say him, and I thought, and laughed, said: “Good guy! Don’t talk about what I said!” He whispered and said, “I didn’t! Just there was a ‘mosquito’ calling!” I couldn’t help but laugh, and he laughed when he finished.

Perhaps, with such a table, I will be very happy! I know, I must be very happy!

When I was backing the Chinese text, I couldn’t get back. He looked at me and smiled and made a gesture. I also responded with a smile and continued to recite the book. This is true for geography, biology, and politics.

that’s nice! This new table is still a very interesting person!

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Special teacher

One day in the summer, the weather is fine, there is no cloud, and from time to time there will be several birds playing and playing in the sky.

I greedily sucked this fresh air, and then spit out a sigh of gas, and my mood was much better. Suddenly, I seem to hear someone calling me, looking back, it is mother. When I think about the things I have arranged today, my mood will drop at a speed of one kilometer per second.

I went to my mother with a sullen face. After listening to my mother and telling me something, I went to a friend’s house to play. When I arrived at a friend’s house, my friend warmly welcomed me.

We talked a lot, talked about it, and finally talked about the afternoon arrangement. “You don’t want to go to the basketball class?” “Well,” I generally don’t hide anything from this friend. “How many years have you been practicing?” asked the friend. “Well—about two years?” “Why did you give up?” “The basketball hall is practicing the same thing every day, too boring!” “You have heard Jingwei reclamation story?” I stunned, and even said: “Oh, that stupid bird! How can the sea be filled with it?” “No!” The friend said seriously: “If Jingwei can Sticking to thousands of years, billion years, billion years? The sea will be filled in sooner or later, this is only a matter of time. Li Bai also laughed at an old woman, but the old woman still grinds the iron rod into a needle.” Listening to friends I am silent in this remark.

In the afternoon, I went to the basketball class, but I was surprised to find that today’s training is not boring…

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my young sister

My sister has a pair of watery eyes and double eyelids. There are black long eyebrows and long eyelashes. The little face of my sister looks round and round, like a big round apple, my sister’s beautiful eyes and bright pupils, revealing innocence and kindness. As long as you look at my sister, you will like her. We cut her short hair, and if she had long hair, she must be a beautiful little girl.

Guess how old my sister is? She is only 11 months old now. Don’t look at her small size. She knows how much she is. She is very smart. Let me tell you about the interesting things of my sister.

Once, my sister was full. In order to understand her, she had to eat milk and deliberately bite her mother’s nipple. Mother did not hesitate to quarrel with her. When she saw her mother getting angry, she cried on the side and cried. The good sadness, tears can not stop flowing down. I am speechless to my sister. It is obvious that she is wrong. She is still crying on the sidelines.

My sister can eat and sleep, and my sister will actually leave a few days ago. I remember that I started to hold the sofa every day, and the table went. I didn’t want to go down and climb to the ground for a while. I wanted to go to my beloved toy that day, looking around without a handrail, and carefully walked two steps forward. Her move shocked everyone.

My sister also has a hobby that I love to touch our house’s trash can. When I watch everyone not pay attention, I go to the trash can to see it. Sometimes I take a thing from the trash can and taste it. Cough, for this habit, Everyone feels speechless, a strange sister!

This is my sister, a laughing and crying, a naughty little sister, I call her “crying god.”

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My fans, dad

My dad is a fan. I don’t want to eat or sleep. I also want to see football. He even regarded himself as a member of the football field, coach, and directed the TV. But my mother is not in favor of Dad watching the ball, I think it will affect the rest and my study, so Dad always looks for a chance to steal.

One day, I saw Dad marking the calendar: “There are four days, three days, two days, and one day.” I was very surprised, so I asked my father: “Dad, why are you? Do you have any important things on the calendar?” Dad said excitedly to me: “The World Cup is about to start, I am counting down!” It turned out that the World Cup was about to begin, and Dad was so happy. I looked at my dad and said with gloating: “Don’t be too happy!” Dad asked strangely: “Why?” I replied: “Does the mother agree to let you see it?” Dad is like a deflated ball, and he is dejected and said: “Hey, can’t see it!” When Mom came back, she seemed to be very happy today. Dad looked at his mother’s face and hurriedly said: “Tomorrow the World Cup is about to begin. Can I see it?” Mom actually promised Dad’s request. Dad jumped up excitedly.

The World Cup began, and Dad couldn’t wait to sit in front of the TV. My mother and I heard him shouting for a while: “Good ball! Beautiful! Hit the door!” I roared for a while: “What stinks!” Maybe it was influenced by Dad. I also sat down on the TV and looked at it. Fascinated. When I saw the team I liked, I and my dad cheered at the same time.

After the World Cup, I didn’t have any interest in the football game, but my father didn’t change. I still watch football every day as usual. Really a fan father.

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a warm-hearted person

Speaking of the words “warm heart”, my mind immediately emerged as a tall, fat, lively and lovely figure – Li Yuxi, she has done many good things.

I remember one summer vacation, I went to the summer camp with her. That day, the teacher told us to walk 10 kilometers on foot. After listening to it, I thought: This long road, such a hot day, I have to prepare enough water. So I immediately filled the cup and started our walking tour.

It wasn’t long before we left, we were all tired and sweaty, and we drank “水” and “咕咚” to drink water. Only Li Yuxi did not drink. I asked strangely: “Li Yuxi, are you not thirsty?” She replied with a smile: “I am not thirsty, and then I have to use more water.” Then we went on. When we returned, the teacher said, “We have already gone more than half, please take a break.” At this time, we were all dry, but there was no water in the cup. Everyone had to sit with a frown. Resting on the stone, Li Yuxi saw everyone’s helpless expression, and hurriedly ran over and said to everyone: “I still have water here, give it to you.” The voice just fell, everyone mentioned God, and his face suddenly smiled. I am scrambling to come there and pour water. When I saw her dry lips, my heart was full of emotion. Everyone else said to her with deep affection, and the teacher standing on the side also gave her a thumbs up and said, “You are a warmhearted Li!”

Another time, I played with the little friends to play the game of the eagle catching the chicken. Suddenly, a tall man knocked me to the ground and saw blood on his knees. I cried out. At this time, everyone else widened his eyes and looked at me with incomprehensibility. Only Li Yuxi rushed over, helped me up, bought me medicine, and gently applied it while comforting me. Still hurt? Do you want me to send you home?” I shook my head and was moved by her again, holding her hand and saying, “I am so happy with your friend.”

This is my little friend – Li Yuxi, a warm-hearted person.

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My cousin

My cousin is a school tyrant, which can be heard from his name. His name is Zhibo, which means wisdom and knowledge.

He is 13 years older than me, tall, not fat or thin, his character is calm, always busy and busy, because he spends almost all his time studying mathematics.

Every day, he is studying at home, no matter what we say, it will not affect him. One day, my mother called him to eat, he did not say anything, and his mother called him again. He only answered four words “wait a while.” Then Mom went to the house and called him. I saw him sitting at the desk, holding a thick book in his hand, reading intently, and taking notes quickly. He suddenly frowned and looked at him. He quickly reached out and said no to speak. He still muttered something we could not understand. At this time, the mother brought the food to the end. He held out a hand and grabbed it but grabbed it. He didn’t even take the chopsticks and grabbed the rice with his hands. This reminds me of the story of Marshal Chen Yi’s slap in the face.

My cousin learns well, not only because he studies seriously, but also because of his super self-learning ability. He has dreams and can study and study with perseverance. My mother often told me the story of his childhood. When his cousin was in the first grade, he suddenly wanted to learn to play the saxophone. He thought that he was still young. Finally, his cousin insisted repeatedly, and said: “I will buy you a handful. Sachs try, you are really interested, I will take you to study.” Since then, cousin has been practicing with saxophone every day after school, when he is not right, he carefully studied and found out the mistake. After a day of practice, the song he sang became more and more beautiful, and he completely learned to play the saxophone.

My cousin is really amazing. Once, I threw the second-order Rubik’s Cube in my cousin’s house, and my big coward had not spent a lot of effort. At this time, the cousin came over. He took the Rubik’s Cube and looked at it. He took a look at the right and then turned it up. The Rubik’s Cube flipped in his hand. With a blink of an eye, the Rubik’s Cube was put together. The whole family was very surprised. Cousin has never learned the second-order cube, how is his brain so powerful! I am amazed.

Cousin loves mathematics, and when he goes to college, most of his mathematics is self-study. Because the university did not open his favorite geometric calculus and topological algebra, he often asked his mother to buy books for him. He taught himself day and night, and the university insisted for four years. He never gave up because there was no such course. Through his painstaking practice, he participated in the National College Student Mathematics Competition during his college years and won the third prize and the provincial first prize. The senior did not graduate, and the cousin had received the admission notice from the graduate student and was among the best among all the candidates.

Is my cousin very powerful? He is really a well-deserved schoolmaster. Do you admire him? The spirit of learning in him is very worth learning.