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My Deskmate

After finishing the physical education class, I bought a bottle of water at the small shop. I went upstairs with the same table.

As soon as I entered the classroom and found that the people had arrived, they were both worse. I squinted at the class schedule and sighed with incompetence: “My God is a political class, I haven’t backed it yet!” With a smile, I immediately felt a sense of crisis.

The bell rang as usual, hurried to his position, took a few mouthfuls of water, prepared the lessons for the class, and felt uneasy in the heart, screaming that the teacher had not yet arrived, opened the book, and silently recited the sentence of the back…

Soon, the question began, and I didn’t raise my head. I was afraid that I would forget the sentence I just had when I looked up. Suddenly, one said that the height is not high, that the low is not low, but it just happened to sound in my heart – the teacher called my name.

Looking up, standing up, wanting to back, but found that I forgot, I quickly sneaked down and squinted, and sweared a few words: ah – there is one sentence left. Sitting at the same table, looking at me, Xiaoxiao, I was a little angry, staring at him, whispering: “Laughter, help me to remind you!” Seeing him as if he heard, I continued to look at me, I am anxious. After kicking his leg, he just started to remind me.

I saw that he flipped his fingers and gestured without hesitation, but I couldn’t understand one. I was so anxious that my face was dark and I no longer expected his answer. When the teacher saw that I stopped answering, I told me the answer and let me sit down.

After class, I asked him what happened. He gestured and explained the meaning of this gesture. The more he said that I became more angry, we had a dispute. He sat there sipping water and playing with bottles, ignoring my words. I stopped and sighed. He said: “It seems like ‘mosquito’ is calling, have you heard it?” After that, he learned a few more ‘mosquito’ calls, I just prepared to say him, and I thought, and laughed, said: “Good guy! Don’t talk about what I said!” He whispered and said, “I didn’t! Just there was a ‘mosquito’ calling!” I couldn’t help but laugh, and he laughed when he finished.

Perhaps, with such a table, I will be very happy! I know, I must be very happy!

When I was backing the Chinese text, I couldn’t get back. He looked at me and smiled and made a gesture. I also responded with a smile and continued to recite the book. This is true for geography, biology, and politics.

that’s nice! This new table is still a very interesting person!

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