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my young sister

My sister has a pair of watery eyes and double eyelids. There are black long eyebrows and long eyelashes. The little face of my sister looks round and round, like a big round apple, my sister’s beautiful eyes and bright pupils, revealing innocence and kindness. As long as you look at my sister, you will like her. We cut her short hair, and if she had long hair, she must be a beautiful little girl.

Guess how old my sister is? She is only 11 months old now. Don’t look at her small size. She knows how much she is. She is very smart. Let me tell you about the interesting things of my sister.

Once, my sister was full. In order to understand her, she had to eat milk and deliberately bite her mother’s nipple. Mother did not hesitate to quarrel with her. When she saw her mother getting angry, she cried on the side and cried. The good sadness, tears can not stop flowing down. I am speechless to my sister. It is obvious that she is wrong. She is still crying on the sidelines.

My sister can eat and sleep, and my sister will actually leave a few days ago. I remember that I started to hold the sofa every day, and the table went. I didn’t want to go down and climb to the ground for a while. I wanted to go to my beloved toy that day, looking around without a handrail, and carefully walked two steps forward. Her move shocked everyone.

My sister also has a hobby that I love to touch our house’s trash can. When I watch everyone not pay attention, I go to the trash can to see it. Sometimes I take a thing from the trash can and taste it. Cough, for this habit, Everyone feels speechless, a strange sister!

This is my sister, a laughing and crying, a naughty little sister, I call her “crying god.”

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