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Light in my heart

In my heart, I have met so many people who have added a lot of fun and warmth to my boring life, shining like a light. In so many people. Let me remember a person who is still fresh, she is my composition teacher – Teacher Li.

For the teacher, everyone is no stranger. The overall image of the teacher is a great, serious and hard-working image in the minds of most people, but it is different in my heart.

My essay teacher. It is optimistic and cheerful. In my heart, Teacher Li has always let her pleasant smile hang on the side of the two dimples, which looks very moving!

Although my essay teacher is teaching us the knowledge of the stars and wearing the moon every day, I am tired, but the difficulty is hard and I have not polished the perseverance of the teacher to teach us knowledge.

The teacher not only imparts knowledge, but also cares about us. I remember that I was a little uncomfortable and vomited in the toilet. After I spit out, I slowly returned to my seat. After the teacher saw it, I ran over with anxious eyes and asked me about my physical condition from time to time. I used my own cup to fill a cup of hot water and gently placed it in front of me.

I watched the teacher busy for me, and there was a warmth in my heart… The teacher’s concern made me forget the physical discomfort and immerse myself in the warmth.

I will not forget the composition teacher – Teacher Li!

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