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my mother

In ancient Greek mythology, the mother is the earth. In China, the mother is the river. But whether it is the earth or the river, there are many green leaves, and there are too many white sails. As a mother, it is hard work and nourishment. In the eyes of the mother, the mother is an ordinary person, and the mother’s hard work and sweat have nurtured the unique me in the world.

Last winter, I came home from school, walked and walked and suddenly fell down. I was so scared, so I ran up and walked. After I got home, I became a chicken, but I even hit it later. Several sneezes, my mother heard it, put down the work at hand, and quickly came out and touched my forehead. My mother quickly took it and said, “Your head is hot.” Mom asked me to take a few antipyretics. After a few hours, I suddenly fainted, my mother was frightened, and quickly picked me up, called Dad, took me to the hospital, went to the hospital, my mother ran, and cried my mother’s tears to my lips. I tasted it, it was sour, it was bitter, my mother took me into the ward, the nurse was giving me a bottle, the mother who drowned all the way, did not change clothes, but was wearing wet clothes. I took care of me there, and my mother who was busy for one night fell asleep at my bed.

The next day, when the first rays of the morning shot into the room, I opened my eyes with joy and saw my mother snuggling up beside my bed. I stroked my mother’s face and thought: I have a good mother. Love my mother forever, a person in the world who does not love his mother, is basically not saved. No matter what achievements he has made, in his heart, he will always be indifferent. After a while, my mother woke up. The first sentence after my mother woke up was: “You are much better. You want to eat what I want to buy for you.” I was touched by my mother’s love, I shed happiness and warmth. Tears.

This is my mother, a mother who does not pity her body but cares for her children.

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