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I am a quiet girl. I am not very beautiful, but very cute. My skin is black and my eyes are black and bright and very clear. When you look at my eyes, you will forget all the troubles and be attracted to it. But I love shyness. Whenever I find someone looking at me, I will smirk my beautiful eyes like a mimosa.

I am very shy. The English teacher asked us to read English in the WeChat group every night. I didn’t dare to read it because I was afraid of other people’s jokes. I couldn’t read well, so the English teacher who didn’t know the truth criticized me in the class for not completing the homework assigned by the teacher. In order not to let the teacher criticize, I had to pick up the phone with my scalp. When facing the WeChat group, the mouth can’t be opened like glue. The mother on the side encouraged me to say: “Nothing, I feel that I can’t read well, I can withdraw it.” I heard it, it was a good way to finally open the phone and have the first reading. When I saw the “three golden thumbs” erected by the English teacher in the WeChat group, I smiled happily. It turned out that I didn’t read well, just because I was too concerned about other people’s eyes.

I also seem to be very timid. I was afraid of kittens and puppies. I didn’t dare to go to the yard to go to the toilet alone at night, and even feared being criticized by the teacher. Once, when the mathematics teacher arranged the homework, he said: “After finishing the homework, check carefully. If you find that any classmate has a wrong question, he will do it for ten times.” I checked the question many times before I dared it. Show it to the teacher until the teacher took the initiative to say: “Take your homework!” I carefully handed it to the teacher… The result was all right. Haha, is it timid if I am not confident?

This is me, a timid, shy, very concerned about the little girl who said that I am not good, do you like me?

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