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My new classmate

On the third day of school, Teacher Guo told us that there will be three transfer students who will come tomorrow. We have all kinds of expectations for the transfer students.

The boys hope to come to one or two men, because there are too few male students in our class, and there are more girls. I would like to have one or two short students.

As a result, my wish was fulfilled. Two boys and one girl came, and one was still short, and it was also a boy. Finally, there was another boy who was almost as short as me. I could drag the class to be the “first short”. The title of the book, my heart is secretly happy.

Let me introduce these three new students! A taller male student, Su Kaiqing, is the fastest student with our classmates. Every time there is a group of people around him, he will be with us in a few days.

Another short male student named Wu Rong, he played with Zhu Xiuyan.

The new female classmate is Chen Jingyi. She has a turtle. It is very fun. She likes to climb out of the cage. She is very tall and refreshes the highest height of our class.

Three new students, Su Kaiqing and we played the best, probably because his character is more accommodating, good relationship and everyone can get along.

This is my three new classmates. I believe they will be familiar with me in the future. I welcome them to join the six-year class.

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