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Small experimental university asked

I heard that Xiao Ai’s father is coming to give us a class today. “What class?” “Small light bulb experiment class.” We were very curious. When Xiao Ai’s father entered the classroom, he was still silent in the classroom. Suddenly boiled up, everyone warmly welcomed the arrival of the little love father. Little love’s father has glasses on his high nose and looks like a learned person.

I started the class. Everyone took out the materials for the class. The little loved father sent a paper to each of us. I thought, “Is this class not related to electricity? Is it related to paper?” I use doubts. Looking at the little love dad, the little loved father can understand my mind and said: “Everyone first tears the paper into small pieces and puts them aside. We then use a plastic comb to comb the hair, then put the comb on the paper. Near the film.” We were surprised to find that the paper flew all over the comb! It turns out that the comb is rubbed against the hair, and in fact many things in life can be rubbed. For example, when we take off our sweaters in winter, we often find small Mars, which is the principle of friction. Next, we carried out a small experiment, took out the small light bulbs that were prepared before, and the wires and batteries. I prepared a 1.5V battery, and I was worried that it did not meet the requirements. I did not expect it to come in handy. . Little love dad taught us to assemble the circuit. The battery also has positive and negative poles. First connect the wires, put the small bulb into the electric tray, turn on the power, and the small bulb lights up! Later, we tried to use the wood as a switch, and also did some other small experiments, all succeeded, it is amazing!

This class is really interesting. This experiment not only exercised our hands-on ability, but also exercised our thinking. I learned some principles of electricity, and let me understand that science exists in our lives, as long as When we do more, think more, there will be gains!

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