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fun games

Friday is an exciting day because it is the day of the fun games. There are a total of 3 projects in this fun sports meeting. One is the quick calculation. It is to run the edge calculations to see which classmates run fast and fairly accurate. The second is the relay run, this is very familiar to everyone, the third is the tug-of-war competition. I participated in two of these three competitions, one is my best relay run, the second is my standard That is tug of war! (Because the girl is tall and tall, she will definitely play.)

In the morning, I got up early and put on a comfortable dress. My grandmother and I quickly came to the school. When we were running, our tug-of-war competition officially started, but our competition object was tall and mighty. The five teams, but we are not discouraged. In the first game, we didn’t work hard. Who knows that several people in the five classes have fallen, so we won. In the second game, they are ready. We have made the strength of breastfeeding or have been easily defeated by the five classes. We lost the game, but we are still very happy with the process of participation. We have two more games in the afternoon, we must win them! Soon it was time to show our strength, we came to the playground of the older brother and sister, wow! This playground is too big, so beautiful! Surrounded by a red plastic track, the middle is a large lawn. Soon our relay race began. I was the fourth best. It was my turn. I got the baton from the classmates in front of me, and I rushed out like a bullet. I tried my best and ran hard. Running, my heart only thought of surpassing the opponent. Finally, with the joint efforts of all of us, our class won, and we all jumped happily. This is the honor of our class, and every classmate is very happy!

This sports meeting is really a lot of rewards, and every student is excited and satisfied for their own glory for the class!
This afternoon we held a very interesting sports meeting.

Because the high school brothers and sisters are on vacation today, we can run and chase on their big playground. The sports field here is really big! It is several times larger than the playground in our primary school!

We are sitting, lying, and rolling on the grass. It’s especially fun, we are full of curiosity about the things around us like the lambs that are released.

The sports meeting started very quickly. The first is the relay run. I am not running. I went to cheer for our class. Our class ran very well. At the beginning, although it was slower, every classmate made the effort to suck and run forward desperately. The most important thing is that each one The classmates did not make mistakes when they took over the bar. Everyone cooperated very well. One by one, you chased after me and bravely moved forward, especially the girl who finally sprinted. It was like an arrow from the string and rushed to the end. Finally, we The class relay won the first place.

After the relay is finished, it is quick calculation. I am quick calculation. We have eight boys and four girls and four girls, so they are divided into the first stick, the second stick, the third one… I am the 5th stick, we stand In his own position, the game started soon. Our class was far ahead, it was my turn. I opened the board and quickly finished it. Then I ran forward and finally passed the pen to the 6th stick. We are the first and we are very happy, but Later, the physical education teacher said that we should not take the plate armor after we finished it, so we canceled the results of our competition. We are very sorry. However, the teacher praised us for being great, counting fast and running fast, so the teacher gave back Each of us has won a prize, which is an unexpected harvest! Therefore, when encountering unhappy things, you must not complain, maybe it is the loss of the horses and the knowledge of the blessings?

This sports meeting made me understand that unity and cooperation is the most important. Only collective and cooperative activities in collective activities will not succeed unless they give up.

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