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Interesting school-based lesson

I always look forward to every day of the week to go faster, and then faster, because I have to teach my classmates to play “magic” with my mother in the school class on Friday afternoon.

At 13:30, my mother took a big bag, took the experimental equipment, and arrived at the class on time. We first divided the classmates into several groups, and distributed the experimental props prepared in advance to each group, and started our “magic” performance today. First of all, what we do is the “magic” that makes acid and alkali change the phenolphthalein. I worked as a teacher with my mother, and my mother talked about the operation of “magic”. I told the classmates to give you a demonstration. First, take a colorless soda solution and pour it into a small measuring cup. Then add two drops of phenolphthalein and the liquid will turn “red” to turn red. “Wow, wow!” The students exclaimed and felt that it was too unbelievable. Then, I added vinegar to the cup, the red color gradually faded until it disappeared, and then the soda ash solution turned red again… After watching the demo, the students couldn’t wait to move their hands and were all measured in the liquid in the cup. The wonderful changes in color have been deeply attracted…

Then, we started to perform the second “magic” – the candle burned. For the sake of safety, this time the mother personally demonstrated, let the students carefully observe the changes in the burning of the candle. We found that the ignited paraffin solid slowly melted and formed a liquid. We blew out the candle, and the candle glowed with a white smoke. We quickly set a white smoke on the match and found that the white smoke actually burned. The original white smoke is a small paraffin solid particle, so it can be burned.

The last “magic” is the way mom teaches us to blow candles. The first method is to blow out with a mouth; the second method is to use a beaker to buckle; the third method is to pour soda ash into the cup, let the candle burn in the cup, then add vinegar to the cup to produce carbon dioxide, so that the candle Extinguished; the fourth method is most interesting, is to extinguish the candle with carbon dioxide in the cola. Mother asked everyone to put the Coke bottle on the flame of the candle, and then open it. The gas from the cola actually extinguished the candle. Mom said that this is because there is carbon dioxide in the cola and it can extinguish the fire. The little friends listened to their mother’s explanations and opened their mouths. I didn’t expect that the drinks we drink every day also contained science.

Today, the first time the students touched these little “magic”, they were both excited and excited. After quieting down, everyone understood that there are strange changes between many things in nature, and this change is just as interesting as “magic.” However, this requires us to have eye-catching eyes, carefully observe and study, and only then can you become a good little “magician.”

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