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Vacation travel

During this holiday, I was fortunate enough to visit the scenery of the Lijiang River in Zhangpu.

Walking through the entrance of the scenic spot, next to the trail is an emerald river – Lijiang Bay. The color of the water in the Lijiang Bay can even be combined with the clear water of the Lijiang River.

A boat rides up the river, and a group of ducks in the distance break into my eyes. They swim in the water leisurely. There are fishermen standing on the bamboo poles in front, helping the fishermen to dive into the water to catch fish, people and animals and the clear water. The blue sky and the blue sky constitute an idyllic scenery, which makes me feel a little comfortable.

After disembarking, we will arrive at the remains of the earliest Zhapu people, the life of the Yongsuli people. We can see the introduction of the Yongsuli people and the Zhangpu Shantou, and watch the murals. You can also experience farming tools there.

Going up the path along the path, passing the fence road just filled with passion fruit, the sound of the water gradually approaching – it turned out to be the sound of the current drift, which made me feel good. Then, our group of people tried to draw a dragon boat. I realized that it is really not easy to draw a dragon boat. The rhythm is not easy to hit the front and rear paddles, but also the depth of the strokes. The first experience of dragon boating, although only slowly stroked, but also because of unskilled and many times hit the hand, but I still feel that it is only a precious experience.

After that, we entered the Tiangong Grottoes for a tour. The unique karst landforms in Guangxi led to a variety of natural carved landscapes such as underground rivers and stalactites, and the beautiful scenery.

At the end of the journey, we tasted the locality of the Zhapu Shantou.

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