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Tug of War

I was always very happy when I was studying essays because our essay school often held events.

Today, we held a tug-of-war competition. When the principal said that we were going to hold a tug-of-war competition, the classroom was silent, and when the principal left, the pot was blasted. One is more happy than one, and in the next class, my heart has already been thrown out of the clouds! “Ring bell…” After class, the students were eager to jump, all of them were “flying” out. When they got outside, the students couldn’t wait to pull the river, and they all made a backward movement. At this time, I only listened to the teacher shouting: “One, two, three start”, everyone pulled back hard, even the people with the least strength in my class all used the strength of breastfeeding. However, in the end our class was lost, we were not discouraged, but we started to end, we have no strength. At this time, the principal and the teacher came to cheer for us. I only heard the teacher shouting “You must win!” We finally worked hard together and finally won! But in the end we still lost to each other one to two, but we are very happy, because friendship is first, the game is second. Although there is no victory, we have tasted that if we are not discouraged, we will be able to win.

Today, I am very happy and very happy!

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