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An interesting scientific experiment

On Sunday, my mother brought me a pack of jumping candy. Hey, jump candy? How can sugar jump? A series of problems are constantly flashing in my mind. I looked at the sugar carefully and didn’t find anything special. I quickly tore a piece and put it in my mouth. Just as the sugar touched the tongue, it began to sway, and soon the tongue issued a “protest.” However, this strange phenomenon has caused my curiosity: Why does jumping sugar jump? I decided to use the experiment to find the answer.

I took a small cup first, then poured a small amount of jumping candy into the cup. A minute passed, two minutes passed… But there is nothing in the cup, what is going on? I could not understand. At this time, I saw a glass of water on the table, the opportunity to move, right, eat sugar and have water! I quickly poured a little water into the glass filled with sugar. Ha, not long after, the sugar in the cup began to boil. After a while, the sugar blasted and a liquid similar to fruit juice came out. After the experiment is finished, I still can’t understand why the sugar jumps, so I searched the relevant information online.

It turns out that the compressed carbon dioxide is added to the jumping sugar. After the outer sugar coating dissolves in the water, the compressed carbon dioxide will rush out of the smashing, so there will be a “jump” phenomenon. There are bubbles in the jumping candy, which can be seen under the lamp. If you crush the jumping sugar, you will hear the same “squeaky” sound. According to research by American scientists, this phenomenon is determined by the molecular structure of the jumping sugar. The molecular structure of the pepper has similarities with it. Under the microscope, the structure is thorny. This is why jumping sugar can jump.

There is science everywhere in life. As long as we pay attention to observation, do more hands-on, and more brains, we will discover the science of “unknown.”

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