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First time sitting on a pirate ship

This winter tour, we came to Mission Hills. Mission Hills has many interesting entertainment projects such as caterpillars, go-karts, dominoes and space walks. There are so many fun entertainment projects, but I like the usual “pirate ship”.

This is the first time I played the “pirate ship”. I saw that there was no fear in the last round of Mr. Liu’s face. The Mei Yue, who was sitting in the front row, was excited and excited. The “pirate ship” must be Not terrible. After a while, it was our turn, and I quickly ran to a position behind the “ship” and sat down and put down the safety bar. Suddenly, an aunt came to us to check some of our safety facilities. After a while, she walked into a small room and opened the “pirate ship” switch button.

After the “pirate ship” started, it has been slowly swinging back and forth. Suddenly, the “pirate ship” swings more and more, and the speed is getting faster and faster. It seems that I am declaring war and challenging the limits of my psychological endurance. As I swayed back and forth, I began to scream. Halfway through, I started to close my eyes. In the dark world, with the rapid reciprocating swing, the “pirate ship” is like a visit to the sea of ​​stormy waves, and sometimes falls into the valley when it rushes to the peak, which is very thrilling. I regret very much: Why did I start playing this game at the beginning? Opening my eyes, I saw Dong Ruitou on the opposite side leaning against the pillar behind him, closing his eyes. I learned the way Dong Rui looked, and I felt a lot better. But for a while, the “pirate ship” slowly stopped.

This time I played the “pirate ship” and let me know. It is best to play the “pirate ship” in the future. However, this winter tour also brought me a lot of happiness.

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