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Picking dates

At the time of the birth of the sea, the end of the world, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a mysterious and happy day, in this day, we have to go home.

I sat in the car and looked at the scenery outside. The bird sang in the tree, and the fallen baby danced in the sky, eventually falling into the embrace of the tree mother. Only pines and cypresses stand proudly and are green. Each pumping unit has an endless “squatting head”, rice golden, white cotton flowers. It’s like a beautiful landscape painting. I’m a little anxious. How can I not get it?

Finally arrived, I jumped out of the car, breathed fresh air, like a caged bird to the house, into the door, the first thing that caught the eye was the jujube tree, I saw that its branches are very flourishing. Even a few sideways slanted out and inserted into the branches of the pomegranate tree. Look at that date, hidden under the leaves, it is not easy to find! But a closer look, red as blood, green as a bud, plus a foil of the foil, really lovable!

I said to my father like I didn’t eat for three days: “Dad, I want to eat jujube”, Dad said with a good voice, okay. I quickly found out the ladder to the roof. My father first went up. I was also eager to try. I just wanted to go to pick up the date. I said, “The baby didn’t go up, it fell.” I was not afraid, and I climbed the roof smoothly.

Wow, there are so many jujubes on the top. I look at the East and find a lot of green and red, and the red dates are green. I am as happy as Columbus found the New World. I was able to pick it up. .

But once, I almost fell off the roof because I picked a date, so I can’t pick it up. If I don’t pay attention, I will fall down and shake the tree! I went down the ladder and found a broken sheet. My mother and I pulled the sheets at both ends, letting my father shake it, and many of the dates fell.

It’s really “big beads and beads falling on the jade plate”. The image is just a little bit: jujube and jujube fall on the sheets. Oh, at this moment, suddenly there is a date on my head, hey, it hurts! I immediately found out the restless jujube to eat. The jujube that came from labor was really sweet. I ate it with gusto. The fruit of labor should be this taste!

It was getting dark, and we had to leave our home with reluctance. However, as soon as I thought of eating moon cakes and dates at night, I was excited again.

Let us wish everyone, “I hope that people will live forever and forever.”

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