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Learn to cook

Every time I saw my mother cooking, it was so delicious, I couldn’t help but also wanted to do it.

This time, under my pleading, my mother readily agreed. First of all, first understand the cooking equipment, that is, the pots and pans, these things are really a lot, it seems that cooking is not that simple.

Cooking started from washing rice. After washing it, I felt that I was done. I secretly hid myself and prepared to cook. The mother next door called: “Wait a minute, wash it again.” Yeah, wash it. I looked at the white rice, no problem, why? Mother’s own mother’s reason, are all more washing and rest assured, then do it, rustling a few times, the meal is cooked.

The next process is naturally washing vegetables and cutting vegetables. I think it is super simple. I washed it and cut it. Then I started to cook. The pot is hot. I poured the dish directly into the pot. My mother was anxious: “No, I have to put oil first!” I panic, what should I do? Turn off the fire and pour out the dish. When I put the oil, I lifted the oil bottle, but I leaned back and hurriedly poured the oil. The next second, I picked it up and escaped from the kitchen. My mother smiled helplessly: “Don’t be afraid, no water, no oil. It will splash out!” I still didn’t feel so relieved. I walked into the kitchen carefully. I felt a little risk. I carefully poured the dish into the pot and started to fry. After a few minutes of cooking, I was looking good. I rushed to my mother to taste, and I looked forward to staring at my mother nervously. After eating one, my mother said, “Well, I feel wrong. What is missing? I am puzzled, what is missing?”

“You didn’t put salt, didn’t you have any taste?” Mom said with a smile.

I slammed my head, oh, how to forget to put salt, okay, I put the dish back into the pot again. This time, the dish is no longer there, and my face is ruined by me, but it tastes good.

At this time, I am already sweating. My mother said that let me cook an egg again. It is not difficult. Take two eggs from the refrigerator, lift them up high, then use a little force, the eggs are broken, the egg liquid flows out, the egg yolks are scattered on the ground, I am trying to pick up the eggs on the ground, this slippery thing ,how can that be possible! It’s really anxious. I can only get it again. With the last lesson, this time it went much better. I went straight into the pot and opened it. I listened to the sound of the pot, and I felt a little sense of accomplishment. I was laughing in my heart. Yes, I was shocked by the burning of the smell into the nose, ah! My egg, just think of fried eggs, I have to turn over the eggs in time, turn them over quickly, it’s too late, it’s a pity that I can’t eat it completely. I’m helpless to look at this “black thing” and look lost. At this time, my mother came in to comfort me, my little heart was warm, I cheered up again, and then fry.

This time, the egg yolk is very beautiful, the eggs are also very complete, people can’t help but want to eat a bite. I happily served the dishes, let the family taste, and the family praised me while eating. Even the sister, the picking insect, kept the eggs clean.

There are rewards for paying, cooking for beginners, awkwardness, twists and turns, and more fun.

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