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In the past, there was an unknown tree behind the hillside of our village. The unnamed tree grew in the middle of the road. Every time I went to the village, I went to see the unknown tree.

The tree was inconvenient because it was in the middle of the road, so many people wanted to cut it, including me.

Once it rained, my grandfather bought something back. Because of the slippery ground, he ran into the tree and knocked the rearview mirror down. Another time, I played under the tree, because the wind was so big, so a trunk fell, just hit me, and because Grandpa’s tricycle was hit by it, I kicked it with anger and then kicked it. I went home angrily.

Last winter, I had a heavy snow. I came under the tree again. My heart was bored because I didn’t test it. At this time, I didn’t know how to smell a fragrance. I thought: Where is the fragrance? Where is the big winter flower? And there is still heavy snow. Once again, it is still a floral fragrance. At this time, I looked up at the unnamed tree and suddenly found that it had blossomed. It turned out to be a plum tree. “There are a few scent in the corner, and Ling Han is alone.” The cold genius blossoms, and there is no animal pollination. How do you get flowers? At this time, I thought about why I didn’t test well. Isn’t it enough to stick to it and not to work hard?

If everyone learns from plum blossoms and is not afraid of the cold, can they not be tested and succeeded? This tree is really a beautiful scenery.

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