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Autumn leaves

“The autumn wind rises and the white clouds fly, and the grass and trees fall into the south.” When the breeze blows away the heat of the sun, when the clouds break through the layers of the haze, when the sky becomes clear and high, when the geese fly far away, this is the fall. At this moment, in the campus of the newly built high school, a team composed of our classmates is rushing to the embrace of autumn.

On the trail in the forest, we walked and admired the beautiful foliage. A burst of autumn winds, the leaves are like a cello, singing low. Many leaves are free from bondage, dancing with the wind, like a beautiful butterfly, flying in the sky, flying. Falling on the heads of the classmates, on the body, on a long road. The ginkgo leaves of the fans are all dyed in golden color. It is really full of gold, so you can’t open your eyes. Looking at the maple trees next to it, I couldn’t stand the loneliness. I came to join in the fun, and dedicated the red and flaming leaves to the autumn girl. They fell on the ginkgo leaves, and they looked like red clothes on the golden carpet. Teenage girl.

Going forward, all kinds of trees appear in front of you, and the leaves of the pine trees are still green, enjoying the touch of the autumn wind. Under the sycamore tree next to the pine trees, the leaves were laid out on the ground, stepping on it, and the sound of “” was so pleasant.

In the autumn of October, there is no chill, walking on the small roads of the campus, listening to the laughter and laughter of the students, watching the leaves dance like elves, and searching for the traces of the worms. All this is so beautiful.

I love autumn, love her high sky, love her layer of forest, love her sweet fragrant, love his colorful leaves, they are like hardworking messengers, bring us autumn News, let us enjoy the maturity and beauty of autumn.

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