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Beautiful autumn

Some people like the spring of all things reviving, some people like the hot summer, others like the cold winter, but I like the colorful autumn. look! The autumn girl came to us at a healthy pace…

The autumn girl came to the orchard. The fruit garden is really fruitful and fruity! The first thing that caught your eye was the sour and sweet mountain full of trees, flaming red, so red and so festive, so dazzling! Look at the persimmons like red lanterns that are full of trees. A bunch of bunches, piles of piles, you squeeze me and rush to say hello to the autumn girl. The most fascinating thing in the orchard is the grape with a spike of water, purple like agate, green like jade, really beautiful! There are also big apples with a red face, Huang Chengcheng’s big pears… They all welcome the arrival of the autumn girl in their own different ways.

The autumn girl came to the field. The golden rice was bent down and gently bowed to the autumn girl, as if to say: “Thank you for making us so strong, we can finally contribute to people!” There was a smile of cracked corn, a blushing sorghum, and they all danced happily with the autumn girl. A lively scene in the fields!

The autumn girl came to the woods. The woods suddenly became quiet, the birds flew to the south, and they left the colorful woods as a gift to the autumn girl. There are red dragonfly maple leaves, piles of piles, pieces, like burning flames; and golden golden ginkgo leaves, like a small fan, fan fan, fanned away the heat of summer, fan came autumn Cool.

Finally, the autumn girl came to the garden without stopping. The chrysanthemums in the garden are all racing, red is like fire, yellow is gold, white is snow… It is like wearing a colorful beautiful wreath for Mother Earth! A gust of autumn wind blew through the air, and there was a sweet smell in the air. Looking for the scent, it turned out that the osmanthus flowers in the garden opened, and the trees were full of people, and people couldn’t help but get together. Take a deep breath and gently close your eyes and slowly relish.

Autumn is really beautiful! How can you not like this beautiful autumn?

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