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Outside the window, the rain drenched underground, presenting a fresh and beautiful scene, and heard the crisp and beautiful sound. On the outside, the wet ground on the ground, the rain washed the ground again, making people feel everything is transparent, just like laying a layer of plastic wrap on the ground. In the distance, the leaves are very clear, with the moisture of the rain, it is more real and more eye-catching. The rain drops on the leaves, like a pearl inlaid on the papu, dotted with beautiful patterns. Everything on this earth feels very refreshing, and all the pressures and troubles are gone. listen! How wonderful the sound of the rain is, please stop the noise, calm down, listen to the sound of the rain with your heart! Those lovely little raindrops are like a wonderful note that taps the keyboard to outline a beautiful little order; it is like a pair of slender and dexterous hands, playing a wonderful song on the piano. The sound of the raindrops, ticking, listening to people feels like entering another extremely pure realm. They make people can’t help but let go of their hands and listen to this wonderful rain quietly.

Stop the busy things in your hands! Don’t let the noise and busyness fill our time. Quiet, listen to the sound of the rain. Listen to the pure sound of nature!

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