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Campus autumn landscape

The atmosphere of autumn is full of campus, and everything is welcoming it.

On the campus, on the tree behind the 4th floor of the girls’ dormitory, the leaves have become golden and red. When the breeze blows gently, the leaves on the trees are flying, like a fairy falling in the sky and slowly falling down. . Strolling on the road covered with leaves, the sound of rustling is endless.

Going to the lawn, sitting down, occasionally the autumn wind blowing warmly. Looking at the grass that has become golden, I feel that I have put on new clothes in the fall without knowing it. The grass has been replaced with new clothes, we have to wear autumn clothes!

Hazy fog, wrapped in action-limited autumn clothes, I feel like a stupid bear. The chic and graceful style that you want is lost in the cold autumn morning. I really want to wear cool classmates, always wearing only a pair of thin pants, but also to expose the ankles, but looked up the upper body, but still wrapped in the autumn wind.

The autumn campus is full of golden yellow, and it has its own style throughout the year. The charm of autumn is unparalleled. It not only has the vitality of spring, but also hides the heat of summer, and it is also the spirit of autumn. It is harvesting, joy, withering, sadness…

When the autumn has arrived, enjoy the beauty of the autumn!

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