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Spiny prickly pear

Among the wide variety of flowers, my favorite is the “Prickly Pear” that is covered with thorns.

The prickly pear is also called a grass ball. It is a herbaceous plant. It likes to grow in a hot, dry, and rain-free desert. It is not as romantic as a rose, it is magnificent, not as elegant as an orchid, small and delicate, and more Unlike the graceful and graceful peony, the round body is like a big boss with a full brain, especially the body covered with gully, full of pointed hard thorns, which makes people daunting, absolutely not easy Touch it. Don’t look at it as ugly, you can open the flowers without losing any flowers, and you will be impressed. When it blooms, it grows a long flower stalk from the top of it, and slowly blooms the flower at the top of the stalk. When the flower is fully open, it is like a small horn, red is red, and pink is like sunset. Bright and dazzling. Some prickly pears can bloom two flowers at the same time, and the colors are different. The two of them are in harmony, and they are paired in pairs. I enjoy it when I watch it.

The prickly pear has a loose demand for growth conditions and environmental conditions. It is drought-tolerant and does not water or wilted for one month. The thorn on it is to protect itself, once attacked, it plays a defense function.

It also has medicinal value, such as qi and blood circulation, nourishing stomach, lowering three high…

With the spirit of hard work and hard work, the prickly pear has deeply infected me, and my strong and unyielding personality has made me admire it. I want to be a person who is not afraid of hardships and hard work like a prickly pear.

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