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My new doll

One day during the summer vacation, my mother saw that my doll was dirty and I bought a new doll for me. I am very happy.

I laid a carpet on the floor and squatted on the name of my doll.

It has a white hair, big eyes, a small nose, a small fluffy hand and a small foot. It looks very cute. It is a little white rabbit doll.

My sister and I have been discussing for a long time. I think “flowers” and my sister thinks “flowering.” Finally, I still choose the name of my sister, because I want to set an example for my sister, my sister is still small, I should let her.

After giving the doll a name, my sister and I played happily. After playing for a while, my sister had a sweat. I gave my sister some water. My sister gently touched the hair of the white rabbit doll. It was very gentle and considerate. It looks so cute.

From then on, every time I sleep, I let the flower stay with me. I want it to grow up with my sister.

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