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Street light

In the dark night, who worked at night, letting people see everything in the dark night? It was a street light. If there were no street lights, we couldn’t see anything in the dark.

One day, my grandparents and I went to rest, and when we started, it was already at night, and it was still clear around!

After an hour, my grandparents and I were going home, but the surroundings were dark and my grandparents and I were groping forward. Suddenly, I saw a black thing moving around. I thought it was a snake, so I quickly retreated. Step, after that, the street light was turned on in time. Then, I looked at the snake. It turned out to be a frog. It turned out to be a false alarm! I want to say: “I have something for me to play with the streetlights. Is it forgotten?”

We are not in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, cold and hot summer, 365 nights a year, are sticking to their posts. They know that they are shouldering the burden of no one to replace. Without them, the night of the city will be dark. Wind, snow, rain, dew, they are not moving, tenacious, although they do not have gorgeous clothes, but they have a kind heart. This is the ordinary street light.

I like to stand under the street light and stare at this beautiful and gentle light and shadow. The soft temperature of the light, the beauty of the shadow, casts the tender brilliance in the space of the night.

I love streetlights, so I should learn from each other, maybe his spirit of selfless dedication.

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