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I like some a fruit

My cousin just came back from Hainan and brought back a “big monster”. It looks like a big durian, but it is bigger than durian, and there is no thorn on it. It says it looks like a big winter melon, but the melon skin is smooth. Its skin is as bumpy as a honeycomb. I asked my mother, “What fruit is this?” Mom replied: “This is jackfruit, also called big tree pineapple.” Oh, I know.

The cousin picked up the knife and cut a cross on the skin of the jackfruit, peeling it off by hand, wow! It’s a golden pot! There are a lot of fruits in it, the color is golden yellow, very attractive. Our whole family took a big jackfruit under the pavilion. The entrance to the jackfruit was sweet and soft, and the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus was filled between the lips and teeth. The nucleus is boiled in salt water and is as fragrant as chestnut. Jackfruit is rich in vitamins and trace elements needed by the body. Eating jackfruit often promotes digestion in the stomach and relieves thirst.

The jackfruit is delicious, listen to me saying so much, are you already drooling?
I have always liked to eat fruit since I was a child. I have to eat fruit every day. I like to eat a lot of fruits, including cherries, peaches, jackfruits, grapes, etc. Among them, my favorite is the grapes.

Every year during the grape harvest season, the grape racks are covered with small balls, purple, purple and black. The round grapes are really tempting! Purple is like crystal, green is like jade, and my favorite is the sweet summer black grape.

The grape tastes particularly good, it is sour and juicy, it is delicious. Peeling off the coat of the grape, you can see the red and tender flesh inside, and a tempting fruity fragrance is always coming, always giving me the urge to swallow.

Grapes are not only delicious, but also have many benefits for the human body. I remember seeing it in the book before, saying that the sugar in the grapes is mainly glucose, which is very easy to be absorbed by the body. Especially when the body has hypoglycemia, if you drink grape juice in time, it can quickly relieve the symptoms, and it also has a certain effect on the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Grapes are so delicious and have so many effects. Everyone comes to eat grapes!

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