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Spring is here, on the hillsides, in the fields, on the forests, on the grass, dandelions can be seen everywhere. The leaves of dandelion are zigzag, some of which are attached to the ground, some grow toward the sky, and the flowers of dandelion are pale yellow. After a spring rain, when the rainbow is hanging in the sky, the crystal dew is flashing in the leaves of the dandelion, so that the color of the leaves appears dark green, the flowers bloom proudly, the yellow flowers give green The grass adds infinite vitality and beauty.

Every season, people will dig dandelions on hillsides, fields, forests, and meadows with knives in twos and threes. The role of dandelions can be great! The leaves are faintly bitter in the mouth. It can go to the internal fire of the human body due to the season, and it can also be used as medicine. Therefore, people like to eat dandelion.

Dandelion grows and grows in this early spring season, the flowers slowly wither, and then a white furry ball grows, a breeze blows, the ball sways in the wind, like a little The dropman, flying high with the wind and slowly landed. Their distance from the wind is uncertain, sometimes flying and flying far and far, flying over the ideal hillside, flying over the fields of hope, flying over the dreamy forest, flying to the high mountain ridge It fell in the mud of the unknown name, on the sandstone, and at that time they were their new home.

Winter is coming, the dandelions are hiding under the snow, ready to take root in the spring of next year, and meet people.

I like dandelion, I like its beautiful flowers, I like the joy it brings to people in the spring, and I like its tenaciousness and strong vitality. Therefore, I have to be a strong person like a dandelion and be a brave person.

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