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a leaf

At first glance, it is petite, like a slim girl. The color of the outer ring is yellow, the yellow and green are combined with yellow and emerald in the middle, and the bottommost blade is a kind of green near yellow, which is very smooth.

This is an old leaf, the edge of the place is slightly tilted, showing a yellow color to be black, and it is also in harmony with the green. Touching the edges of the leaves with your hands, it feels a bit bumpy, a bit crisp, a bit hard.

Looking in the middle, there is a dry crack like a rock between the veins. Although it is irregular, it shows a natural and comfortable beauty. They are staggered and vary in color, from green to yellow, from yellow to green. There is a deep petiole in the middle that separates them into left and right halves. The left half has many small spots and a few traces of injury. The mark on the edge of the right half is deeper, much like a knife engraved on it, with sparsely sparse spots at the top, and a few pieces of paint on the right half or middle.

It has no hair and no soft thorns. It is very smooth, smooth like A4 paper, and comfortable to touch the animal’s fur… It smells like a faint fragrance.

I am very happy to hear this fragrance!
Today, the chill is not finished, although it is noon, but it is not warmer than the morning. I once again came to the composition class, habitual reading, until the class, I put the book back.

“I have a small gift for you!” said the teacher. “Yeah!” answered the whole class. But when we got the gift, everyone said with disappointment: “Cut, I thought it was something, it turned out to be a leaf.”

I picked up the leaves and observed them carefully, and found that the veins were extremely smooth, and they were also red, like the blood in the human body.

Not only that, its blades are also very similar to the palm of a human hand. It has seven-lobed blades and is also symmetrical.

I touched the blade again and felt very rough. But I immediately understood: “This is the feeling of nature.”

It also has a lovely tail. About 4-5 cm long. It’s a bit like a rat’s tail, but it’s thinner than it. The tail divides the leaves into the left half and the right half. Overall like a butterfly, I seem to see it dancing.

Smell, not only the woody fragrance of trees, but also the fragrance of flowers and plants.

Hello, Maple Leaf! Do you still have secrets that I don’t know, waiting for me to seriously observe and discover them carefully.
In the morning, “floating” a leaf from the window, the ordinary look, as if it can be a illusion, pulling people from it and bringing it into the world of nature.

Approach and take a closer look. This leaf has a large body and is egg-shaped. But the color is gray, slightly yellowish, like a former sports champion, now degenerate. The chlorophyll has disappeared completely, and it has changed from a child to an old man.

A strip of stems and leaves are scattered and concentrated in the middle. The cracked leaves, like the “rocks”, add a bit of depth.

By gently rubbing the smooth side of the leaf, you will feel very smooth and silky, just like the girl’s freshly washed hair. Gently touch the petiole with your fingertips, and the petiole will show you its unique vitality, which seems to be the feeling of “old and strong”.

The leaves, with their unique vitality, are the ones that take you into the colorful world of nature.

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