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Lucky star

Whenever I saw the lucky star lying on the bed, I couldn’t help but feel a deep impression.

It was a summer, my foot was broken and I had to take time off at home. The outside of the window said, “I am bored! Bored…” On the bedside, a few books with gray ash were scattered around me. I stared at the ceiling in a dazed manner.

“Hey!” Someone knocked at the door. I immediately got up and slammed the door to the door and opened the door. It turned out to be my classmate Xiao Zhou. “Xiao Zhou, it’s you! Come in!” Xiao Zhou held a bag in his hand. When he entered the door, he handed the bag to me. “Hey, this is your homework for the past few days.”

Xiao Zhou came to me to make up the class. I looked at my frowning face and said to me mysteriously. “I brought you a small gift. I will give it to you after finishing the homework.” I will take the class seriously. After completing the class, he took out a small box from the bag, and I couldn’t wait to open it: it turned out to be the 100 lucky stars he had folded. I was moved and happy, and gently licked him: “Oh, there is yours!” He replied with a smile: “I wish you an early return to school!”

After Xiao Zhou’s departure, I unwittingly opened a lucky star. I was surprised to find that it was written: Only the people who are down to earth, the earth is willing to leave his footprints. After reading it, I felt refreshed and felt that learning was not so boring.

In the days when I was rehabilitated, whenever I felt upset, I went to dismantle a lucky star, read the above words, and then put them back again. I felt calm and didn’t even learn to be bored. The knowledge outside the window is still calling: “Friendship! Friendship…”

Time flies, although the memory will be blurred, but this friendship is how time can not take away. That box of lucky stars will always be in my heart…

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