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Sometimes I wonder if I can become a butterfly, how good! The whole body is golden and beautiful. That is, you can fly freely or in the grass; you can talk from the clouds together in the sky and you can eavesdrop on the secrets of flowers and plants on the ground. So, if I can become a butterfly, how good!

In the morning, slowly stretch out in the warm sunshine and warm flowerbeds, stretch and stretch your wings, and start your day. Fly into the air and search for the most fascinating smell in the scent, follow the feeling, and fall on a beautiful flower. Gently suck the nectar, and say hello to the industrious honey. After eating and drinking, fly to the sky with your friends, dance the dance we are best at under the smiling sun, pull hands and rush to the sky, the birds sing for us, and the flowers shake like left and right. . Tired, drill into a flower, wrap it all over the body, itchy, don’t mention how comfortable it is. The wind blew his wings gently, whispering in his ear, flickering, as if blowing a beautiful lullaby. Everything is so beautiful. Suddenly the flowers swayed violently, I was awakened, and I used my limbs to grab the flowers under my body. A big net fell on me, I still don’t know what happened. My wings were pinched tightly. I was forced to leave the flower garden and be lifted into the air. I tried my best to escape, but I didn’t use anything. I was rudely thrown into a narrow black box and locked up with many of my brothers and sisters. Suddenly bumped, I slammed from one side to the other, and was pinched out and grown into a separate box. Several pairs of children stared at me and put water and human food inside. But this is not the food I eat! Within a few days, I gradually became weak and left the world…

Humans, stop killing! Is it that the tragic death of a young creature can’t be paid attention to? Let us do our part and protect them!

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