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If time can stop

The morning sun shone on my face, like a fixed alarm clock, woke me up.

I stumbled and got up, vaguely saw, a black watch, and I clicked on it, and suddenly felt the surrounding quiet.

I went to the balcony and saw a piece of clothing suspended in the air. I was very surprised. It turned from a fuzzy caterpillar to a small butterfly that flew in the morning. My hand is holding the clothes, I want to get it, how to get it, one accidentally, I pressed the screen of the black watch, the clothes actually moved, and I heard my father’s urging sound.

I immediately understood that this watch is a switch that can control the time. I am broken. I pressed the watch and the time stopped. I quickly dressed, washed, changed shoes, opened the door and pressed the elevator.

I pressed the watch again and the time started to move again. Dad saw me doing all the things in a blink of an eye, very surprised! He licked himself and said, “Oh, it hurts.”

When I saw it, I laughed and said, “Hurry up, go to the grandmother’s house.” So Dad mentioned something on the elevator.

We drove on the highway, but the traffic jam in front, so I pressed the watch, the time was still, my father was surprised, I was surprised, then said to hurry, and I was late. My father said: “It is illegal to take the emergency lane overtaking. I will never do anything illegal.” I had to press the watch again and the time returned to normal. Dad continued to move slowly along with the long team.

With this special watch, although time can let you adjust as you like, but it is against the laws of nature, I will never do such a violation of the laws of nature.

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