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If time can be reversed

[If time can be reversed]

Text / Guo Ruifei

I hope that time can be reversed and some things can be reversed.

A few days ago, I came back from school and wrote homework at home. My brother had been messing around with me. He was jealous of him. He didn’t leave, he was jealous of him. He still didn’t leave. Later, he finally drove him away. After less than ten minutes, my younger brother came to me again. This time, he brought the mobile phone. I didn’t change him. I thought: This time he is not expected to bother me to write homework. But his performance is not the same as what I think. He turned on the music, the hippie smile turned the volume to the highest, and sang the song, “呜啦啦啦”, the noise made me calm, I had to put down the pen and began to lick him slowly, this time. He was very embarrassed. After a while, he quietly walked into my room. He was silent. I couldn’t hear his footsteps when I was immersed in the homework. Who knows, he came to scratch me again. Itching, laughing, my stomach hurts, and later, I really couldn’t stand it, and I beat him.

After a fight, my brother cried very sadly. I also regretted it at the time. I thought: If time can go backwards, no matter how my brother is messing up in front of me, I will not beat him. I will marry him and give him. Reasonable.

However, there is no regret medicine in the world, and it is impossible to do it again. Therefore, a few days from then on, although my brother always loves to be mischievous in front of me, I will always talk patiently with him patiently. Since then, I have also learned to control myself, not to move or lose my temper.

[If time can be reversed]

Text / Jia Xinyu

If time can go backwards, I hope to go back to the carefree life of my childhood to enjoy happiness, so that I don’t have to put up so much pressure on the present, I can let my parents return to the former self, and can change my former Some wrong choices.

In the morning, I woke up in the roar of the bird, and immediately got up to meet the new day, instead of being like now, there was a pile of homework waiting for me as soon as I got up.

My friends and I can ride bicycles at the door together, and a happy smile emerges on our faces, instead of watching the others flying kites and listening to their laughter, as they are now, although they want to be with them. Playing, but when I think of that pile of homework, I can only shake my head with regret.

Whenever there is a good program on the TV, I will meet a few small partners and have a good time together. It seems like now, only after I have finished my homework, I can watch it for half an hour.

Mom and Dad are busy with their own affairs, I only have to constantly remind them to cause them to pay attention to me, only to engage in some pranks will let them notice me.

If time can go backwards, I will cherish my previous life, and live in peace with my parents. Be an obedient child, don’t make trouble, and don’t cry.

As I grow up day by day, I don’t know when to start, I only have to study hard to get praise, otherwise I will always hear them saying “other children’s children…”

If time can go backwards, I hope that I will never grow up…

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