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If time could turn the clock back

If time can go backwards, then I can do one thing many times.

For example, I went to the wedding of my father and my colleague with my parents. The table is full of my favorite things. Two of them are particularly fascinating to me. One is a suckling pig and the other is a big lobster.

At that time, the wedding had not yet begun. I jumped on the stage like a bunny. At this time, I saw a door that was about 30 meters away from me. There were a lot of waiters coming out, and each person had a red-brick pig on his plate, which was a little bigger than the newborn pig. I quickly rushed to our desk. At this point the halogen pig just placed on the table, my eyes fell on the pig’s eyes. It was two red-light bulbs, but when I wanted to take it, I was taken away by another child.

This braised pork skin is very crispy. Cut a piece of oily skin into a mouth with a knife and chew it. Don’t mention how delicious it is, Jane can’t describe it. Just as I was happily eating, the bigger lobster I was looking forward to came up. This lobster shell is stuffed with fragrant noodles. Outside the shell is the frozen shrimp if it is frozen.

If time can go back, then I will repeat this wonderful day.

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