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Magical car

Cars are an indispensable means of transportation in our daily lives. Everyone is curious about what the future car looks like? Don’t worry, let me tell you! There are three modes for future cars, the first is the land mode, the second is the air mode, and the third is the diving mode.

The land mode is similar to the current car, but it can only be driven at a slow speed. If it is accidentally driven too fast, it will be sent to prison on charges of “speeding.” Because the land mode is used for a ride.

The shape of the air mode is a bit like a flying saucer. It has no wheels and travels in the sky like a maglev train. It is also voice-activated! Just tell it the location and speed. The air mode can be opened as fast as possible, and even the speed of light is a piece of cake for it. When you go to work and go to school, if there is a traffic jam, you can immediately switch to the air mode, so that you can get to the destination in a blink of an eye, very convenient!

The initial form of the sea mode is the speedboat. When you drive the car out of the sea, it will automatically transform into a speedboat and drive at high speed on the sea! Of course, if you want a full view of the sea, you can choose its second form – the submarine. It can take you to the world of the ocean to explore the wonders of the water world!

In the future, cars can be environmentally friendly. Instead of using oil as they are today, they use the world’s most environmentally friendly energy source, solar energy. This saves fuel and protects the environment around us. Although a solar electromagnetic board is installed in the ceiling, it is invisible, beautiful and practical. It can convert sunlight into electric energy, and store a part of the electric energy first, so that even if it encounters rainy days, it is not afraid of no power.

Qi Qichao once said: “Adolescent is strong, then the country is strong; young people are rich, then the country is rich; young people stand in the world, then the country stands in the world!” Classmates, the motherland is in our hearts, the harmonious home is in our hearts, we study hard Be brave to innovate, build our motherland better, and let a democratic, prosperous and technologically advanced China stand in the world of the world in this new era of the 21st century!

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