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Ant drifting fairy tale composition

In the morning of a windy and heavy rain, ant Xiaoli looked at the weather outside. Xiaoli was a very timid ant. Xiaoli said lazily: “There is no rain or wind at six o’clock. How come now… ”

Xiaoli hasn’t finished yet. She just thought of the mother who went to work and said to Xiaoli. Xiaoli’s mother said: “It will rain heavily in a while, and it will be windy. Remember to receive the quilt on the side of the river. After Xiaoli thought about it, Xiaoli rushed to Xiaohe and said, “Oh, the quilt has forgotten to accept it.” Xiaoli took the quilt, accidentally, slipping her feet, not standing still, falling into The river.

Xiaoli struggled desperately and wanted to swim to the shore but Xiaoli could not swim. Xiao Li cried as she said, “Mom, come and save me.” The river was very muddy, and the river washed Xiaoli into an unknown place. Xiaoli looked at this unknown place and cried again. Xiaoli said, “Where is this place?” A small fish saw it and said, “This is the Qingshui River.” The fish said, While putting Xiaoli on the lotus leaf, the little fish said, “I am really true, hello, who are you?” Xiaoli said as she wiped her tears and said, “My name is Xiaoli, hello. Small. After Li introduced himself, the little fish

Really sent you back to Xiaoli.

After returning home, Xiaoli told this to her mother. Xiaoli also made a new friend and was very happy.

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