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Little White’s Magic Forest Adventures

The white rabbit mother gave birth to a small white, counted, wow! There are four! The first little white born is white, the second one is called white, the third one is three white, and the fourth one is small. White. Xiaobai is the most naughty of their brothers and sisters. One day, Xiaobai didn’t listen to her mother’s words and sneaked out to play. As a result, she lost her play. It walked away, walked away, and found a big tree hole in front. “Hey, why is there a bunch of rattan in front of this big tree hole? Wait for me to go in and have a look!” So the little white pheasant up the vine Article, walked into the big tree hole, “Wow, this is a magical world!” Inside the tree hole is another world. This world is called the magic forest. There is a magical old woman living in the magic forest, but most people will not see it. To her. Xiaobai walked away, the forest is so dark! From time to time, there are bats flying around, Xiaobaibai is afraid, “Yeah, what can I do? Anyone? Someone? I want to go home.” At this time, there was a slight rain in the sky, a small White was shocked. “Hey, what’s the situation?” Xiao Xiaobai found that the mushrooms around him suddenly grew taller and grew up. Xiaobai looked at the mushroom and looked at the next light rain. So he picked the mushroom and put it on the top of the head to block the rain. Then he found that the mushroom head was shining, and these things like little stars gradually Lined up in a line leading the small white down. Xiaobai walked away, walked away, and unconsciously went to the door of the house. Xiaobai was happily smashed up, then it looked back, the mushrooms in his hand disappeared, and the rain started to stop. And he returned home.

So Xiao Xiaobai wrote a diary after returning home, which is called “Little White Wonderful Journey”.

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