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beauty pageant

The annual beauty pageant came, all the animals in the forest were preparing, but the little hedgehog was stabbed on the back, so she didn’t look good, and on this day, the little hedgehog was looking for animals that would make her beautiful.

Just this morning, she heard the animals say that the peacock is the champion of the beauty contest every year. The little hedgehog rushed to the home of the peacock. Just after a short walk, the little hedgehog heard the crying. The little hedgehog walked over and looked at the little monkey. It turned out that the little monkey was too greedy. After running to catch the butterfly, he lost his way. The little monkey said small. Hedgehog, you have to help me, the little hedgehog looked at the poor monkey, thinking that time is still early, can, then go to the peacock again, the little hedgehog said to the little monkey, I know how to go out. The little hedgehog sent the little monkey back home. The little hedgehog also got on the road.

The little hedgehog walked and walked and saw an elephant sitting down in the air. The little thorn guessed that the elephant was sitting there. The little hedgehog walked over and asked him why he was sitting here. The elephant said that I picked a lot of apples and couldn’t get too much. Can you help me? The little hedgehog readily agreed. The elephant put some apples on the thorns of the little hedgehog. He also took some small hedgehogs and helped a person. He opened his heart.

On the road, the little hedgehog helped some animals, but when the little hedgehog went to the Peacock’s house, the peacock had already left, and the little hedgehog was very sad. He thought that he had no hope for this year’s beauty contest.

The reality and the little hedgehog imagine not the same, the beautiful trophy is waiting for her. Because he is helpful, his heart is the most beautiful, so he won the beauty contest.

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