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Timid tiger

In a dense jungle, there is a tiger. Don’t look at it to be very powerful, but the courage is small.

One day, in the clear skies, the sun roasted the earth like a big fireball. This tiger is thirsty and hungry, thinking about finding something to eat? It is east, west, for fear of being discovered. At this time, the grass in front was shaken by the breeze, and the tiger was shocked. It hurriedly hid, and kept saying that he would not find me, not to find me. “I didn’t use anything I saw you!” said the fox. The tiger screamed after hearing it. The voice was like a thunder. The fox was scared to turn and ran, but he heard the tiger behind him and said poorly, “Fox adult, spare me! Forgive me!” I don’t dare anymore! Please don’t eat me!”

The fox heart calculated that “this tiger is so timid, I still have something to fear!” So the fox swayed and walked in front of the tiger and said, “If you don’t eat me, you have to listen to my orders.” The tiger shivered and said, “Okay! I listen to the adults,” the fox began to say, “You go to the river. There are a lot of chickens that are catching bugs. You have to catch a few back, we both Enjoy it!” The tiger came to the creek and grabbed a chicken back to the fox. The fox enjoyed the food but didn’t leave the tiger a little. The tiger is angry but dare not say anything. The fox also said: “You go and catch another one.” The tiger can only come to the river with pitifulness. When he wants to catch the chicken, the old hen comes and jumps on the back of the tiger to scare the tiger away.

After the fox saw it, he sneered and said: “Even if you are long and powerful, you can’t be brave.”

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