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a letter to the son

Dear son:

I am sorry that I can’t attend the first parent meeting of your junior high school this time! It’s not that Dad doesn’t care about your growth. For specific reasons, I believe you will understand.

From the moment you fall to the ground, it has brought us unlimited happiness to our big family, and has also planned our direction for our efforts. I used to want to give you all the good things in the world. As time goes by, your weak body grows up and your thoughts and emotions begin to change. I realize that I want to give you a good living environment and a good learning platform. For this goal, I have been working hard, even leaving you to go to other places to seek employment.

From the language of your teeth to the study of leaving home, the step-by-step growth process is an indispensable part of life. Accompanied by your growth is also the progress of my life. I am happy to see you grow up healthy and happy every day. I am very pleased to see you mature day by day. I am very happy to see you respect the teacher and make friends. I am grateful to see you can take responsibility. I am very happy to see your academic progress.

Dear son, I can’t be with you all the time. I am very embarrassed, but I am proud to be able to grow up independently. I always pay attention to your studies. I just hope that you will not regret at the starting point of your life. The most important thing is I hope that you have a happy and complete learning career, that you should be modest and progressive in your studies, and do your best, and you must not be too stressed, and work and rest can be done with ease.

Finally, Dad hopes that you can respect the teacher, unite the classmates, make good friends, don’t be arrogant because of the temporary progress, and don’t get lost because of the backwardness. Dad will grow up with you and always be your solid backing.

Love your dad forever

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