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a letter to my sister

Dear Xiao Jialu:

Hello there!

If you can understand this letter, then your Chinese must have made great progress! ^_^

You know, our English class just learned “Ibumpedmyhead”, should this be a piece of cake for you? We haven’t finished studying two classes yet! In addition, we have recently learned phrases and sentences such as “Iplayedtheflute” and “Ipracticedalot”. If you have a good way to remember words or remember grammar, be sure to tell me!

If you have anything in Chinese learning, you must tell me, you can’t help but say it. If you don’t say it, you will never be able to solve it! Secretly telling you a little secret: When reading an article, feel that a well-written, inspiring or problematic place can be marked, which will help you understand the article more deeply.

Are you having a good time in the UK? Does the new school still adapt? Have you made a new friend? Christmas is coming, are you ready? I am ready, everything is ready, only owe the wind!


Merry Christmas!

Love your Joe Joe sister

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