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a letter to the teacher

Dear Mr. Hou:

Hello! You have taught me for four years. These four years are like a stream. I changed from a little girl who doesn’t know ABC to a student who can speak simple and fluent English. Thank you so much! Did you teach me in the fifth grade? If I don’t teach, how much I can’t bear you!

I remember when I was in the third grade, my eyes were hurt, the needle was stitched over the right eyelid, I didn’t go to school for two days, I went to school on the first day, when I was in class, you took me. Hand, let me take the English book and pencil case to your office to make up the class, and you are as serious as the classmates, telling me seriously, the words teach me pronunciation over and over again, encountering difficult to understand The place, always kindly asked me to understand? When you finished, I found that your lips were dry.

I still remember that it was an English class. My voice was a little small. Plus, I was too timid. You asked me to answer questions in class. My voice is as weak as a kitten. You can come to me to hear me. The voice, you said: “The answer is correct, the sound is a little bigger.” I took the courage to say the correct answer. You said to me again and again: “Try to be a little bigger, you will find yourself very good!” Looking at the look you are looking forward to, my voice is a lot bigger, I feel: it is not difficult to speak loudly, but Why didn’t I dare? Thanks to the encouragement of Hou, I dare to try. Many of my classmates applauded. This applause made me full of confidence. Since then, my voice has grown bigger and my courage is not too small.

I remember these two things in my heart all the time. I hope that you are in good health and good luck, always beautiful like a flower!



Your student: Chen Xinyu

September 17, 2019

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