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a letter to parents

Dear parents:


Today, I am writing to you. I have something to say to you, but I am embarrassed to tell you in person.

Dad, people say that the father loves the mountain, but it may not be so obvious to you, but I feel deeply D. I observe you carefully every day, especially when I am out of school. Every evening, the entrance to the school will always be crowded, because your height is not very high. In order to find me, you stand on the cone at the door every time and call me loudly: “Zhang Hailun!” Hearing your shouts, I will run to you. Although I think this is quite stupid, I don’t think it is a shame. After I left school, I can’t help but place a school bag. You immediately helped me with my back. I always ask you: “Dad, are you tired?” “Not tired!” You replied quickly. You are so hard to help me impress me, so you can also use the word “father like a mountain” to describe.

“Mother loves water” is not suitable for you. I always ask you: “You are not like a girl, so violent!” Every time you answer the same question: “Since I have you, I have become a woman.” I have never understood you. The meaning of this sentence, then I saw your 18-year-old photo, I only know how beautiful you were before. Your love for me is the opposite of my father. He wants me to live independently. You think of me as a treasure in my hand. I can’t leave me. In short, I want to thank you for your support for me for so many years, that you made me a good primary school student. I admit that I have made a lot of mistakes. I used to make you angry. I will definitely correct it next time. Please don’t be angry with me.

Mom and Dad, you gave me precious life, I love you, thank you!

Wish you

Good health and work well!

Daughter Hailun

September 4, 2019

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