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A letter to the motherland

Dear motherland mother:


You are the sun, I am the grass, and under your sunshine, I am growing up. Under your care and care, I have a happy and warm home, a beautiful and superior learning environment – my campus; I also have an amiable face – my teacher, she is like a red candle. Burning myself, illuminating every classmate; she is like a big umbrella, propping up a blue sky and blue sky for us, rising the boiling power of teaching and educating people, let us grow up healthy and happy… All this, All you give us! I sincerely thank you, my dear motherland!

Motherland, with your strong construction and support, our hometown has become more beautiful. The narrow roads turned into wide and large roads. Various kinds of cars came and went on the roads. The roadside was full of flowers and trees, which not only greened the environment, but also beautified the air; the old stone houses were simple. It has also become a tall building that rises from the ground. I remember listening to my mother before, if you go out to play through the ferry, it is quite inconvenient. Whenever there is a typhoon, you can only stay in Xiaoshan for the night. Since the opening of the Straits Bridge, my hometown has undergone earth-shaking changes, ushered in a lot of tourists. The second bridge is about to open, it is more convenient, from a small Pingtan Island to a Pingtan International Tourism Island. All of this is because of the existence of your motherland, because your prosperity has given us a stable and stable life, and I sincerely thank you.

I sincerely thank you for your selfless dedication. I want to study hard, work hard, embrace the ideals of the new era, and repay your kindness.

I wish my motherland is always beautiful! Rich and strong democracy!

Your daughter: XXX

August 30, 2019

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