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a letter to mother


How are you doing recently? Today, I saw your dark circles inadvertently, saw your sweaty back, fell asleep when you saw you lying on the sofa, and remembered the day when you picked up the white hair. Suddenly, I wonder if I should grow up. No, I have grown up, but I have grown up. From childhood to large memories, the scenes of the movie are drawn from the mind.

I still remember when I was a child, you taught me to read and read words, and changed the pattern to play word games with me. The two people laughed together. I bought a lot of books for me, and I talked a lot about the truth that I didn’t understand at the time. We are nestled together, reading books, watching movies, eating jokes, and playing games with my children. At that time, you seem to never know the hard work and don’t know how tired, every day is a happy smile.

Now, I have grown up, and my classes and studies are much more than before. Naturally, your requirements for me are strict. Once, I am very disgusted that you let me read this every day, and I deliberately read this wrong and read it wrong. My mother looked at it wrong and started playing games again. Time passed by, and when I got you, I was relieved. Suddenly, I said nervously, the porridge would be ruined. In retrospect, how uncomfortable I was at that time. Sometimes, we will also argue, you will be angry and anxious, sometimes, my tears will come out obediently, you will apologize to me. I will be very remorse afterwards, I should not be angry, crying, and make you uncomfortable.

Every weekend, you will clean your home: the floor is clean and you can shine the picture; the glass is clean like crystal… Looking at your busy figure, my eyes are blurring. I immediately took the mop in my mother’s hand and said, “Mom, today I am an adult, and everything is done for me…” The words have not been finished yet, and the heavy mop has slammed me to the ground! You do so heavy work every day at home! “Get up, the ground is so cold, you will catch a cold! Go to rest, I am coming.” You once again turned your distressed eyes on me, I quickly sat up and took you seriously to the sofa and started to work.

That day, I will help you clean the house, dump the garbage, move the paper tray, lift things, boil water, try to cook……… Half a day, I will fall apart when I am tired. But I tasted the taste of happiness: not eating a big meal, not going to an amusement park, not even being a “big lady.” It is the taste of sweat flowing into the mouth when it is shared by my mother. It is the mother who eats the food I made, smiles at me, and tastes sweet in the air.

“The sheep have the grace of breastfeeding, the crow has the righteousness to feed back.” Animals will be grateful to their parents, let alone people? I understand that the stories of filial parents written in the book must be applied to life. For example, Huang Xiang Wen Xi, but this era is not the same as before. I want to learn the spirit of filial piety, and then use different methods to make you more relaxed, happier, and happy to spend every day!

wish you

Healthy body

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