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a letter to the future child

Dear child:

Hello there!

If you can see this letter, it may be after 2037. You may be small at the time, not sensible, what is your childhood? I still do not know. But, do you want to know my unfortunate childhood, oh!

Your grandfather and grandmother were not rich at that time and lived in an old community in Ningbo. The stuff in the house is full, and there are many toys. Dad, when you go to kindergarten, it’s amazing.

When I was in elementary school, I didn’t have the strength to play. All day long, homework…, homework…, homework… When I was a child, your grandmother’s mother’s house, um–that is, you are too grandmother’s house, it is an authentic rural area. New Year, I am going to play there for a few days.

When your uncle was not born, I was the youngest of them. At that time, I and they pooled money to buy the kind of small firecrackers to play.

Dad last time and brothers and sisters went to the muddy ditch to fry small fish. The ditch can be small, and it will cross over. Then we are there to fry the fish.

Ah, I really found a rubber-sized fish. Well, maybe it’s more TV, I want to have a light work on the mud, but one foot just touched the mud, trapped in, jingle! Oh, finally came out, this shoe is like a jar, filled with stinky mud, ha!

Speaking of stinky, I also recalled the fading of sightseeing in Shaoxing in the past.

At that time, my internal urgency had reached a fatal level, so I ran to the public toilet that reached out and could not see the five fingers. Can’t wait to find a place. Snapped! I suddenly slipped, only feeling that my fingers had touched a sticky thing… You said, this is not fun? I am like this, often encounter bad luck.

Right, to be serious, Dad always wants to educate and educate children. Then I hope that you will not be addicted to the Internet and fantasy when you are young in 2037. Also be self-disciplined, don’t let Dad put you into a trusteeship class that doesn’t see the day.

I have said so much, I hope that you can learn to work hard, and I hope that when you grow up, don’t forget your father, don’t hate the daddy who is embarrassed.

Wish you

Happy childhood!

Your dear father: Li Hongbo

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