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Tolerance is a practice

Throughout the ages, people who are broad-minded are always sought after by the world, so they often make good friends, and the interpersonal shutdown is excellent. Looking at the past and the present, anyone who knows tolerance and understands tolerance will always live more comfortable. Some, because they know how to let go and understand others. Based on this point of view, I believe that tolerance is a necessary quality and virtue of a person, because a person can only be a kind of generous and generous spirit in his life, and he can be mixed in the society.

As the saying goes, people are selfish. In the face of interests, in front of the world, people often involuntarily protect their rights and interests first. Therefore, once they have entanglements and grievances with others, people will naturally become violent and become selfish. It becomes ruthless. Therefore, if you want to abandon your self-interest and open your mind and righteousness, it is really difficult to have a generous and generous heart. No wonder the saints say that tolerance is a kind of practice. It is a kind of practice that must be experienced. Only can have the attitude and quality.

The story of the negative sin of the sin must be known to everyone. Even the supreme Shang Qing  It can be seen that these two are the saints who can hold the boat in the prime minister’s belly. It is no wonder that they can make a difference in that era. It is no wonder that their stories can be passed on through the ages. As a legend of future generations, it is even more difficult for them to stay in the history. Has always been regarded as an example for the children of China.

Of course, there are many more stories about tolerance, and there are countless people who have tolerance. But the most important thing is that we can’t just listen to stories as stories. We can’t just use sages as furnishings. Look, on the contrary, we must pass on the spirit of these saints and saints. Only in this way will our lives be more harmonious and happy, and our lives will be more beautiful and beautiful.

“The gentleman is not very good, and the chest is swallowed.” Learning tolerance is actually learning to forgive yourself, learning to understand others, and learning to respect others. Therefore, we must cultivate ourselves and let ourselves have a tolerant heart, a generous The only way to do this is to be able to achieve “the sea is full of rivers and rivers.

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