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Responsibility and responsibility

With the advent of the new era, the humanities of the Chinese nation are constantly improving. As early as more than two thousand years ago, Confucius talked about humanistic qualities. Zi Yan: “The knower is not confused, the benevolent is not worried, the brave is not afraid.” This is a summary of Confucius’s three humanistic qualities of “the knower”, “the benevolent” and “the brave”. And I believe that the level of humanistic literacy of an ordinary citizen should reflect the degree of civilization development throughout the era.

Youth is the flower of the country and the hope of the development of the times. From the perspective of responsibility, it is not comprehensive enough for our high school students. In the high school stage, it is a transitional period from the embrace of the family to the advancement of the society. I call it the youthful years of the Sui Dynasty. At this moment, our thoughts are precocious, but immature, and our understanding of responsibility and responsibility is not perfect. Even many of my classmates once thought that they were still sleeping in the cradle of comfort, but they did not know that they would face social reality. Responsibility and responsibility seem to be very far away from us, making mistakes, sheltering with grandparents, and having a solution with mom and dad. This kind of consciousness imperceptibly waters our growth. Although the number of people is small, it is also a common phenomenon.

In the environment we live in, we play different roles from small to large. From the beginning of kindergarten, the teacher educates us on “doing our own things”, and the words of bit by bit tell us that we must become a person who can bear the corresponding responsibilities. However, at this stage, in the environment of external shocks, can we really recognize the existence of responsibilities and responsibility?

As a high school student, are we really trying hard? It is our responsibility to be a highly motivated high school student. Many students have not realized this. As a teenager, we should have the responsibility and responsibility of “holding a book, fencing, and glory to China.” We study in order to constantly improve ourselves, and we must make ourselves the ideal self.

Looking at the world, there will always be people who are trying to escape their responsibilities. Do not support their parents, even after driving and hitting people, they still escape. This kind of thing is constantly happening around us. This irresponsible situation can no longer be ignored. We must face up to our own responsibilities.

Responsibility is heavy. It is not easy to carry these two words. Perhaps this is why many people dare not take responsibility. But the responsibility is noble, it can promote people to grow. There is no doubt that responsibility cannot escape and evade. Only by courage to bear, will life be full and fulfilling.

The reason why the boat can cross the river is because it bears the responsibility of carrying passengers; the reason why dandelion can fly in the sky is because it bears the responsibility of spreading the future; the reason why the snail can insist on climbing is because he bears Responsibility for never giving up.

Regardless of the responsibilities we shoulder, we should invisibly add a meager strength to the country’s prosperity. Literacy determines the character and character assumes responsibility. This is what we should do. When the teenager knows it, the country is full of it.

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