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Don’t be small and not

We are all very ordinary people, and we do ordinary things every day. Liu Bei said: “Don’t do it with evil. Don’t be small and don’t do it.” Yes, don’t think that a good little thing will not be done. The so-called “gift roses, hands have fragrance.” A good thing will make others impress you, and doing a good thing will add a radiance to your life.

Take the school thing for you! The day before the final exam, I was collecting my schoolbag. Most of my classmates had already stood outside, and a classmate ran over and pretended to be unwitting. I took a bottle of mineral water, threw it at the desk of my desk, and then ran away. I saw it all and quickly picked up the bottle and told him to come back. He heard me call him. There are also classmates next to him. He can only take the mineral water bottle and throw it into the trash can. I said to him: “Other people have worked hard to sort out the good desks. If others do this to you? What do you feel?” I will send you a sentence: Don’t be evil. Just say that he is silent and knows it at the same table. I am very grateful to me. “We are all classmates. Helping each other is what it should be.” “What a happy thing you see as a good thing!”

Another time, I went to correct the mistake. Just stepped out of the classroom door and a classmate rushed over. I knocked me down, and my mouth was bleeding. The students saw it and quickly put down the work in her hand. I ran over and took me up to the office. After the class teacher finished the process, I returned to the classroom. I felt that this little thing that the classmates did made me feel warmer than spring.

Some things around us are really insignificant, but those who have done great things must start from small things. They use: attitudes toward society, others, and responsibility for themselves to make people shine.

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