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Talking about the environment of the earth

Since the human civilization entered the industrial revolution, the environment of the earth has become worse and worse, and various pollutants have appeared in our eyes, such as PM2.5, PM10 and ozone.

When the industrial revolution began in the 19th century, the sky was still cloudless, and people were free to breathe outdoors. But in the 20th century, the “smog”, a by-product of the industrial revolution, came to a developed city at the time: London. At that time, London was dark, and people living in the building could not see the opposite situation. The car turned on the headlights and it did not help, because no one could see anyone from three meters away. Even because of the smog, all flights over London were forced to cancel.

So what is smog?

Let’s make an analogy: If the Earth’s atmosphere is like a big cake, then the cake has four layers: the troposphere, the stratosphere, the middle layer, and the hot layer. And we live in the troposphere. We have a lot of ways to ruin this “big cake”, such as the emission of large amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is why our planet is getting hotter.

And this is not just the end but it is just the beginning. There are many ways in our daily life to pollute our atmosphere. Take the car we usually have the most common. When we drive, the pm2. 5 and PM10 generated by the lack of burning of gasoline or diesel are the main culprit.

Smog is just a gentle candle compared to some other pollutants. For example, lead is a kind of pollutant that is much more powerful than smog. People familiar with history should know how the Roman Empire died. It is because the Romans are too dependent on lead, and their water, pots, food supplies, and even cosmetics contain lead.

The real explosion of lead was in the 20th century. At that time, people were being plagued by gasoline blasting. At this time, the American chemist Thomas Mikkeli discovered tetraethyl lead, and the stability of gasoline became higher when the chemical was added to gasoline. It is. Thus, the addition of tetraethyl lead to gasoline became a boom at the time. However, the toxicity of tetraethyl lead is one hundred times that of ordinary lead, and it is the nemesis of the exhaust gas purifier. Excessive use will make the air pollution more serious. More importantly, its degradation time is very long, so in the future, it will stay with us.

Therefore, we must protect the earth and prevent him from being destroyed again.

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