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Waiting, only for a tree blossom

In the sixth rainy season, the bamboo can break out of the ground. It is waiting for the big to give it its life. The caterpillars are suffering in the shackles to complete the butterfly change. It is waiting for the life that gives it life, forty-nine days. Brewed, only have a good wine, is waiting for the geological end of its life. Waiting for the opportunity, there will be a tree blossoming, fragrant you and me.

Restricting desires, waiting for the opportunity, just for a tree to bloom.

Desire is the slaughter of the bottom of my heart. The more we rush, the easier it is to get caught up in it. We can only find the exit of life when Enran walks through this mud. Since it cannot be avoided, why not calmly face it? Since you can’t rush to seek success, why not slow down and wait for the tree in the distance? Therefore, even if the success is within reach, you can’t rush to seek success, wait for your heart, and the timing will be successful. The desire to restrain is Liu Bang’s “women are not fortunate, and there is nothing to be taken when things are not available”. It is the servant of Goujian who bows to the head and is willing to bear the taste of the cattle and horses. It is Yuan Longping’s struggle in the mud of Xiangxi. The figure, just because they restrained the eagerness of seeking a heart, can they accomplish something in the wait, restrain the desire, and wait for a tree to bloom.

Abandon the impetuous, waiting for the heart, only for a tree to bloom.

It is impetuous, let all our efforts become futile, let our waiting become a night without end, let our efforts become drizzle, scattered in every corner of the world, but nourish the dry life. Therefore, abandon the impetuous, wait for the heart, and win a bit of silence for life. The vertical and dark waves are surging, and they are not inconsistent with the heart. The vertical wind and the rain can not wet the soul. When the time comes, nourish a tree. Zhu Yuanzhang abandoned the impetuousness and made a great achievement in the “high wall building, slowing the king”. Cao Xueqin abandoned the impetuousness and then took out the “Dream of Red Mansions” after “drawing for ten years, adding and deleting five times”; Hua Luogeng abandoned the impetuousness before he could The burial of small shops ushered in the care of the truth, life ends in impetuousness, and their wheel of life rolls forward because of abandoning impetuousness, abandoning impetuousness, and can harvest a tree blossom in waiting.

Tolerate suffering, concentrating on waiting for the opportunity, only for a tree to bloom.

The torment is like a soup of the soul. In the torment, we temper our heart, and our character, we are full of wings, hidden power, we are waiting for it, and we are thick and thin. I can’t bear the pain of my heart, what qualifications are I going to expect from the blossom of one tree and one tree? The name of the first phase of the founding of the Western Zhou Dynasty was Jiang Taigong’s life in the collapse of his business. One blockbuster, the power of flying into the sky is hidden in the frustrated depression and resentment of the singularity. “The “Historical Records” of “No Literary” is the writing of Sima Qian who dragged his body on the sickbed. They endured life. Tormenting, but also let this torment make their life. Tolerate suffering, in order to harvest a tree blossom in waiting.

The autumn and winter of a tree is withered and withered, but it still stands up to the banner of its own life. Under the hurricane and the rain, waiting for the spring silently, finally blossoming full of trees, splendid and not demon.

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